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diapers, the newly-authorized voters would have little life experience from which to draw political conclusions or cast an informed vote. Why must someone under 18 take on the responsibilities

and there consequences as an adult without having the right to vote like one? Lowering the voting age to sixteen will give the vote to people who have roots in a community, are aware of local issues, and will be more concerned about voting than those two years older. A fundamental element in the success of a democratic society is the willingness of the people to be self-governing. She went out of her way to make sure that the reader did not forget that teens are, in fact, in high school. They managed to bring a refreshing new point to the table, with almost a slight sarcastic undertone. It is one of the most important ways in which other rights (e.g. Finally, there is no age at which you start to be taxed. By giving them this opportunity, they will have the possibility to influence the course their life. Most people dont why do some do artwork over essays vote because they think the election system is unfair, or because they dont trust any of the political parties on offer - lowering the voting age wont solve these problems. Yet what should that right to vote mean? Policies on education (e.g. In addition to that, the youth of Canada also have problems of their own which they are unable to address substantially to the government. She ends her article with the statement, Sixteen-year-olds should not be voting on that in which they have little stake, particularly during those formative years when relativism is just a word on an English pop quiz. Her tone throughout this whole article, as shown in many"s, shows that she does not take teens, even children, very seriously, she seems to look at the whole idea of lowering the voting age as a joke, and a sarcastic tone shines through. Because national elections are usually only held every four years or so, many people have to wait until they are 20 or 21 before their first chance to cast an important vote. Edit Argument #5 Edit Yes You can't vote ting that youth will most likely vote well we must wonder, is it at all possible for a voter to vote wrong? He pretty much compares teens to what sounds like a storm, wreaking havoc and such. Of this 14, thousands already possess a vast political knowledge and have similar concerns and demands of people who actually vote. Pathos also seemed absent in this article, but as I said before, was unnecessary, since they were trying to achieve a logical, complete argument that would be hard to undermine and easy to convince an audience. Unstated assumptions is another tactic the author of the Top Ten Reasons for Lowering the Voting Age did not include, which makes their article that much better, because as stated earlier, others arent so quick to rebuttal against them, since unstated assumptions dont include real. Although some 16 year olds may be mature enough to vote, most have not yet formed political views of their own yet. Logos was one of the most prevalent appeals used in this article, they tried to remain very logical so that their arguments were more sound and harder to prove wrong. The right to vote is currently granted at probably the worst moment in ones life. Statistics show that voter turnout increases with age, even within the 18-24 category. Katie Taylor more. It is astonishing that she included so much of her personal opinions and emotions, because that does not help in convincing her audience to believe what she believes, unless they already feel the same way as she does on the subject. Fifty years ago countries such as South Africa and many states advanced english writing exercises in the USA limited the rights of black people to vote, but that too has changed for the better. In todays modern society, to say that we have a government that is for, by, and of the people does not mean that each citizen is dictatorial.

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This statement actually uses two appeals to ethos. Surprising that an author pulished in such an esteemed schools online newspaper would make such a frivilous mistake. Some others such as Taiwan and Japan do not give their young people the right to vote until they are. Her opinion is quite organ trading essays clear from the beginning of the article. Which you are unfamiliar with, but the right to vote is spreading and outright dictatorships are increasingly few on every continent. Although many people say otherwise, what would persuade the government to lower the voting age how do i write a professional letter to an even lower one than the young adults age of eighteen.

Argument - The, voting Age, must be Lowered, essay 1276 Words 6 Pages.Voting Age, must be Lowered for Democracy to, exist in America Imagine for a moment that senior citizens were denied the right to vote.

That wont be rebuttaled so quickly. It would be dangerous to give young people the vote. All factors that will numbers in academic writing increase their desire and need to vote. All very true, which are easier to derail and also sort of the lazy way out. If that were the case all voters would need to pass. It makes sense writing a letter of racial and discrimination for different rights to be gained at different times as young people mature and get used to more responsibility. The youth of Canada are perceived as mature in many aspects of life and yet they are seen as too immature to vote for themselves in an election or referendum. They might use it in foolish ways.


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He makes another point by using appeal to logos, Councillors argue that engaging teens in the political process before they leave for college will allow them to become knowledgeable about hometown politics and form a voting habit before leaving for college Any young voter away.Edit Argument #6 Edit Yes Giving the vote to teenagers would force politicians to take them seriously.He begins his article with the idea that both proposals to help lower he voting age at Cambridge City Council Must be rejected.