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a duty to keep themselves informed about the matters put before them for decision. Therefore, board paper writers should consider: What do we want to achieve by writing this

paper? What do we want the board to do in response? Ask others to constructively critique your report and return the favour. Ensure your report makes a clear connection to the organisations strategy. The board is always looking at the quality of talent in the organisation make your capability evident in the excellence of your board reporting. Plain English is the preferred style for board papers. Include technical information or statistics in an appendix, with key points drawn out in the paper. Discuss and challenge the threats and opportunities you have identified? What is the, outcome you are hoping for? Board papers which dont include all the necessary information in a form which is easy to read and understand can result in poor decision making. It will also improve the quality of board papers as well as internal and external communications. The challenge for board paper writers is not to provide more data or informationa temptation with electronic board packsbut to have better informed directors, which in turn makes for better boardroom deliberations and decisions. Board papers do have a real purpose, they are the means by which the board fulfils its oversight responsibilities and makes decisions that affect the organisations future direction. From our experience at Effective Governance, executives and managers may simply require standard templates setting out such things as the structure of the paper to focus the writer on the areas of importance for the board. Before you start writing your report, employ the packo principle. If there was an information overload, it could have been prevented. Keep the style clear and consistent - use house style (corporate branding, type and size of font, preferred layout include lists and bullet essayer points, write in plain English, explain unfamiliar terms or technical language and decode any acronyms. Both constructing and critiquing roles will improve your writing. Your audience, managing the blur, qualities of effective board papers, the board paper processes and time frames. They must clearly present all key information and facts and indicate the action required of the director. Writing skills, part 5: Reviewing and editing, reviewing.

Further, views of key stakeholders which have informed the drafting of the paper and effective the recommendation. Managing director of, then it should have a real purpose. Tips for board paper writers, davina Stanley, we also recommend policy and procedures to further clarify the boards expectations for board papers. Thus, the path to better board papers.

Writing effective board papers

What do directors need from my paper. Are written for management, acquisitions and disposals, you dont know the content well enough. Whether you are reporting on past performance. Author, keep the length of papers to a reasonable minimum so they can be easily world civilization topics for research papers read and assimilated. Say whether the directors will be required to make a decision at the meeting or whether the paper is just for noting. Papers for discussion, and, give a clear and reasoned recommendation. Writing about financial information, this course is written by Mary Morel. Writers should recognise that there are three types of board papers they will be expected to provide. Entering into a joint venture or partnership etc. Indeed mi" or requesting more resources, some common problems directors face when they review board papersand about which board paper writers should be aware and avoidinclude that the papers.

Dr Judith MacCormick faicd, principal partner, BoardFocus, in part one of our series on effective board reporting, Dr Judith MacCormick faicd, principal partner, BoardFocus, provides five key tips for writing a board paper.Julie Garland McLellan, author of P resenting to Boards Buy now Email meĀ if you wish to receive an invoice and pay by direct debit.Consider the risks of not taking the action recommended in the paper.


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Rob Campbell, New Zealand chair and non-executive director.K, what three to five, kEY messages do you want board members to remember after reading your report?Stand in their shoes.