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fatal ailment that has afflicted us and is on the rise. I too have a dream, an ambition of becoming a doctor. It has now started afflicting even young

people and this country would need many cardiologists to take care of them. As my respected father is also a teacher, I have, perhaps, inherited certain innate qualities of a teacher. The autobiographies of all great men reveal, that each of them very early in childhood had a dream, a vision of what they intended to do or become. If write an essay on my ambition in life ambition is a joy forever, I too have a long-cherished dream in life. An ambition is an incen-tive to a person to work hard and to achieve success in life. This is so because it is a noble profession, that also commands a lot of respect in the society. As a teacher, I want to serve my country in my own humble way.

Choose to be businessmen, the sole object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity and goodness devoted to the service of others. However, for me the job of a lawyer is that of a liar. My earnest management ambition is to become a teacher. The worshippers of mammon, the god of wealth, but.

But one must relentlessly strive to achieve and life realise this dream. Thus it is not essay suffice to only dream. FOR only 38, the logic behind it is simple.

Different people have different ambitions.FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, i have begun preparation for the same in earnest and with Gods grace I do hope to clear the test.I shall kindle their souls by the lamp of knowledge and spirituality.


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The choice is based on my long, minute observation of people from different walks of life.They congratulate themselves if they are able to save a murderer from the gallows and a robber from prison.