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the register for eanwb Financial Planning is publicly available and can be provided upon your request. You are mainly investing for growth to accumulate long-term wealth 50 You

are not nearing retirement, have surplus funds to invest and you are aiming to accumulate long-term wealth 40 You have a lump sum,.g. The SOA will be a financial plan detailing a number of actions she could take to meet her financial goals Jessica agrees to proceed assignment to the next stage of the financial planning process, and you make an appointment with her to present the plan. Appendix I Television Stations BBC One: Main channel, launched on the 2nd of November 1936 (news, current affairs, drama, comedy and entertainment) Channel controller Danny Cohen. Then the broadcasting act 1980 began the process of adding a forth; Channel 4 after a few months of test broadcasting it started scheduled transmissions. However, this area still needs to be examined. Yes/NoNDetails Life insurance details Life insured Owner Policy type Company Policy number Death benefit Comments Annual premium Jessica Superannuation fund Life abxy Super Fund XTP1234 50,000 Within superannuation From superannuation Disability insurance details Life insured Owner Policy type Company Policy number Death benefit Comments Annual. More about channel 4, like the BBC, Channel 4 is publicly owned but is commercially funded instead of funded by the tv licence fee, also like the BBC it is a public service broadcaster. The full dividend received for the year.66 per share fully franked and dividends received are not reinvested. Assessable capital gains.a. (has 3,500 staff for just that channel, 2,000 being journalists) also has regional news stations to cover local news. (150 words) Answer here Assessor feedback: Section 7: Questions Providing ongoing service Answer the following questions in the spaces provided. Their financial and non-financial goals, objectives and needs). Savings account Jessica 1,000 nil 1,000 Transaction account Term deposit Jessica 57,000 nil 57,000 Shares Jessica 2,070 nil 2,070 Westpac Banking Corporation current price.08 Total 60,070 nil 60,070 Net worth 151,070 39,000 112,070 Liabilities Loan Current debt Percentage tax deductible Interest only Repayment Home. Provide reasons for your ssica does not have IP cover under her super which does put her at slight risk in case she is made redundant or if she falls sick.

50 P A couple without children. You can use the assignment FV formula in Excel to calculate annual balances for the accumulation of the portfolios. More information regarding requirements for providing advice is included throughout the assignment. You may be preparing for the future by establishing and furnishing a home. Understood and retained a copy of the SOA prepared by Your name dated Date. Incomplete assignments will be returned to you unmarked.

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Es Jessica have sufficient savings to meet her goals. As well as the order of completion. And be able to determine whether or not their goals have been achieved. No What could be put in place now for any anticipated requirements. The reasons for underpinning the advice. The data in these documents has been used to complete some of the sections in the SOA. Kincardineshire, clearly explain why you believe her current cover is sufficient. Financial Counsellors, other expenses include a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of 10 per week. You will use your answers for Section 4 to help you decide on your recommendations for Jessica. The client should be able to read this executive summary and understand the advice you are giving.

If no, why not?If your analysis shows that she requires additional insurance and could benefit from a review, you should advise her of this.There is also a main news show which is seen worldwide and known as 'world news'.


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Use the SOA template provided.Total insurable income / 12) Recommended monthly benefit (i.e.