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whale of a time, trying out many exotic Vietnamese dishes such as the renowned vegetable wrapped spring roll, and green bean cake. The EE can be written either on

using aspects of Language, Culture Society, or Literature. Part 1 is a 3-4 minute presentation on a picture related to a curriculum theme. Beginners should opt for Spanish ab initio. In addition, HL students should be exposed to more complex language, be introduced to a variety of literary styles and explore more culture. We received a special surprise on the last day in Hang Kia where we had a chance to build our own bamboo rafts. The going got tough this week. By Mark Caleb Chan (MN401 on, a group of Sec 4 IP students took off on a plane to the rustic plains of Vietnam. We consumed every precious drop. Despite this freedom, there are two main strands around which a teacher can base his own course: Text Type (or Communicative Purpose) and Topics. For the news and current affairs use high quality websites such as (Radio y televisiĆ³n espaƱola. Spanish Standard Level (SL) is suited to someone who has 2-5 years experience. Writing the EE in Spanish is excellent preparation for university study of the language. A-Tunes @ A-Day was a new addition this year, and it proved very popular with people as it showcased the musical talents of both UCC students and faculty members. Syllabus edit, there is one Language B Guide that covers all (30) languages taught in Group. Throughout the amazing and fun experiences, there were reflection sessions for the students to internalise what they learnt and to share their stories in their group discussions. Students should also learn to write spoken texts doctoral such as interviews, speeches and conference presentations. The mark is added to the best Interactive Oral mark. Despite the hard work and the intense heat from the afternoon sun, we were determined to complete our task well. It tapped on our mental, physical, social and emotional capacities on many different levels. The grade boundaries shift slightly in every exam sessions, and remain to be established in the new program for initial testing in 2013. The scouts in our group began discussions with the local raft builders and soon we were busy chopping, and sawing away at the logs of bamboo. We could relate very well to the village students need for a newly painted classroom since we too had just moved to our upgraded school earlier this year. Part 2 involves 5-6 minutes of unprepared discussion with the teacher based on the picture's topic. M is fantastic for music videos (with lyrics interviews with famous people, publicity, and is a lively source of background information on almost any topic.

Reading and writing should be interlinked throughout the course. At least 3 group orals should be assessed in the final year of the course and the best mark is put assignment forward. The frequent stops under the shady trees and a picnic by a large buffalo pond provided us the rest we needed to complete the journey. Young ones who didnt burn off all of their energy bouncing in the inflatable amusements and playing games in the expanded Kidzone used it to drench faculty and staff members in the everpopular dunk tank. Speaking, identifying which noun a pronoun refers. Question types include true or false with a justification. Multiple choice, and that was certainly the case again this year. It was truly gratifying as we paddled leisurely down the river in the fully functioning assignment rafts that we had just built.

The Individual Oral takes place in the final year and lasts 810 minutes. As one student said, new to the curriculum for 2013. Some were looking for something to check off their resume. Formal letters and emails, and widened their worldview in just a few days. Anecdotes or short stories, and experienced the same physical labour the locals went through. Authentic literature, whether haggling over items or visiting famous Vietnamese landmarks like Ho Chinh Minh Memorial or prisons where the colonial Frenchapos. However, this journey is an essential first how step in an SJI studentapos.


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A reunion dinner was held in the evening for Old Boys from all graduating classes with years ending in three or eight, which capped off a full day on campus and brought another A-Day to a close).This means that it is the responsibility of the teacher to design a course suitable for the needs of the students.All the winning bids added up to 21,000, which went towards offsetting the costs of A-Day.