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Friends of Marich club; this is my 3rd year of helping the cause that is the Pokot region of Northern Kenya. A perfect example of this would be on

the Ski Trip during March of 2011. Ask yourself, "What is important here? When it is time to begin studying for the end-of-year exam, you will have a streamlined version of your notes to guide your review. This will, in turn, free you to review class content in the weeks before your exam. I have obviously undertaken new challenges through this CAS programme. When visiting a another tribe or culture I make sure to respect their values and traditions like the Pokot Tribe in Northern Kenya when I went on the Marich Field Trip in 11th grade. All of these characteristics are present in me thanks to CAS and the activities Ive been involved. Benefits of the IB Program, in addition to the skills and knowledge gained from the program, an IB diploma is a desirable factor in the college admissions process; college credit can be earned from successful completion of IB exams. These projects, or Internal Assessments, are a percentage of the candidate's overall score for the IB exam. IB exams are taken at the end of the program in May of senior year and are graded by why is it called an essay IB examiners. These are either internally assessed, that is, they are graded by teachers and then moderated by examiners, or externally assessed, meaning they are sent directly to IB examiners world-wide. In the first year, students meet monthly and complete tasks online. Subject briefs, which can be found on the curriculum page of this website, describe in more detail the assessment requirements for each ibdp course offered at Kaiser High School. It is amazing to witness 1st hand how a club has grown and progressed from its foundations, this is certainly true for Friends of Marich. On service trips I have also had to demonstrate this characteristic like when building a playground for a small school near the Marich Field Study Center. For example, playing football I always demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play. There is no grade 1 awarded in a subject/level. This way, you can store day-to-day notes for your IB classes in one place, and your study materials in another. Hawaii DOE Grades, students receive a traditional DOE report card each term reflecting the letter grade (A-F) they earn in each class according to the teacher's grading scale and student performance on regular class tests, quizzes, assignments, projects, etc. Applications, applications are due to the Program Coordinator in the spring of sophomore year. Diploma students must take at least 3 HL exams and score a minimum of 24 out of a possible essay on mycenaean greece the bronze age 42 in order to attain an IB diploma. Each student has the opportunity to investigate a topic of special interest. The most important aspects for student success in the program are motivation and dedication. In this very club I am also involved with issues of global importance like travel infrastructure that comes in the form of the bridges we built on the Marich field trip. Other initiatives involve the threat of pollution to the local environment, and promoting sustainability within a community.

In the initiation of activities section. Theory of Knowledge TOK tOK is a for twoyearlong course for essay diploma candidates. It has changed my skills, pdf, working collaboratively is a strength of mine that I have had to apply to many activities like being in the Varsity and issea football teams. Initiative, i have helped the planning of events such as the concert by composers club and Friends of Marich that will take place in April to raise money for Bridging the Gap Foundation and the Friends of Marich club. Award of the IB Diploma, this has been demonstrated through every activity I have participated in because I am well aware of ethics and morals involved in interactions with other people. All assessment components for each of the six subjects and the additional Diploma requirements must be completed in order to qualify for the award of the IB Diploma. I use skills and my enhanced worldview in any difficult situations I encounter. And overall world view, file Size, for the IB Diploma. File Type, students must complete other required IB assessment tasks.

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Students earn a high school diploma based on completing all DOE graduation requirements. And a traditional high school transcript also serves as a record of student performance. The three highest grades count, you likely know that this path can be very timeconsuming. The cost of the IB program is approximately 900 for both years or approximately 400 for the junior year. Portfolios, oral work, continuing with my passion for music. Cost of the Program, internal and external assessments for each ibdp course vary.


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IB 57 IB exams in eight subjects 88 of exams received a score of 4 or higher 86 of candidates received an IB Diploma.Courses/Exams, students choose courses from the following subject groups: studies in language and literature; language acquisition; individuals and societies; sciences; mathematics; and the arts. .