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return. But these laws still kept Napoleon powerful but the people had less liberty. This was one of the main points of actually revolting so the people were obviously

satisfied with Napoleon when he took office. He had a charisma, he could move men to obedience, to loyalty french revolution research paper and to heroic acts. He could work 18 to 20 hours at a stretch without so much as a break in concentration. From what was chaos throughout France during the Revolution, came a new government that Napoleon created. Napoleon, of course, was one of these Consuls.

While all this was going. As one French historian put. Once named military dictator in November of 1799. Showing how strong of a leader he was. M He started really low and ended up as the emperor this shows you how hard he had to work to get there. In knowledge and in methodical effort. The photoshop French Revolution had entered yet another stage of its history. So, napoleon started to make all kinds of reforms.

The Code Napoleon, this forced Austria and its allies to make peace with France. Their liberty was limited a majority of the French people were satisfied with the abolishment of the estates. The Code Napol on was established as law. And expand his empire so successfully because of his early success. Even though, a conspiracy was already underway against the lame fiveman Directory. He finished his training and joined the French army when he was 16 years old. Living in for a revolutionary age, whatever his truth was he became the arch hero of France and a saint to the world. Napoleon was able to control, in November 1797, he won most of the battles by defending his own people. Were strong enough to knock him out of power. In all the new kingdoms created by Napoleon.

He seized ground where he could get his guns in range of British ships.He made blockades stopping his enemies and all their supplies.


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Revolution gave him the opportunity to test his skills.He was once"d saying, I live every day.The main reason the French Revolution started was because of the government being unfair to the 3rd estate.