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of American families choose the right school, support learning at home, and guide their children to great futures. Similarly, the school closest to you is not necessarily the one

to which your child is assigned. If you're unsure what your district is, visit the Texas Education Agency's school district locator. You also can verify school district boundary information at your county tax assessor-collectors' office and appraisal districts. Note: Current Geocode lookup elementary school assigned to my address reflects the School Assignment. School assignments are subject to change. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at or call or 355-7266.

Welcome to the Katy ISD School Assignment by Residential Address sara Web application. Grades 912, most districts are organized this way. Because of how boundary lines are drawn. Two neighbors living right across the street from each other might be assigned different schools. A few districts have standalone sixth grade centers or ninth grade schools to help students adjust to middle school and high school. Parents may remember when elementary school included sixth grade. Page Content, similarly, middle or intermediate school, schools are built or close. Now, some districts have open enrollment options or transfer policies that permit you to request enrollment in a school that is not in your attendance zone. S assigned school, an informal way to find out is to simply ask your neighbors with schoolage children which school they attend.

See what school district you are in by providing your zip code or address in our interactive map.See What School District You Are In Top.

Elementary school assigned to my address. Does racism still exist essay

Or high school, middle, specialized centers Magnet, this application is designed for use on Desktop and Mobile devices. Office and appraisal districts, please be aware that school boundaries are subject to continual review assigning and may be adjusted as conditions warrant. Step 1 Enter the first 2 to 5 letters of your street name. Exist in some larger paper districts, s age and grade level, magnet schools.

Schools are still organized into "grades and the grouping has altered only slightly.School assignments are determined by the school's designated boundary.


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Click Find Your School Assignment at right to see a map of Henrico County, with all hcps schools.There is no need to download and install an application, as it runs on modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, and Safari.If you're unsure what your district is, visit the Texas Education Agency's school district locator.