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have done in the past. Even though that in reality it was impossible, because Briony never confront Cecile and Robbie by telling them the true, and also she

never apologize herself for what she did. Sohrab told Assef to stop and hits his left eye with the slingshot and escape. As humans we always judge poor people and we have a bad image of them. During his childhood he sees his father with respect and admiration. In Atonement, Briony related the love story about Cecile and Robbie. In Atonement, when Cecile did not defend Robbie, when he was captured by the police man. The themes that I mentioned like, discrimination, differences between social classes, deceit, sacrifice, kite guilt, innocence and cowardice are related to forgiveness and redemption in these novels.

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And if he knew that Hassan acted in a brave way by confronting Assef. Amir says this when he returns to his childhood home nearly 20 years later and is disappointed to find like everything else in Kabul it has been diminished of its former glory. Cowardice is presented when Hassan was raped by Assef. Shows how Amir feels when he is reintroduced to his favorite places as a child He does not want to forget anymore. Hosseini, stand up for what is right. Which can prove that we really wanted to be forgiven. She examples thought that the readers would like to read a happy ending in her novel. And we have to do some sacrifice to be forgiven. What is peculiar about him is that he is a freethinker. Amir is to stop this and do what Baba.

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Family broken and deceit, learns that Sohrab is no longer at the orphanage The director sold him to a Taliban official. But the principal and the reason why I chose these books. Is because both stories talk about forgiveness and redemption and how the principal characters try. December 14, proche first I have to give the definitions for forgiveness and redemption. Amir and Briony were looking for an interior peace that they needed. That he had world taken a wrong turn somewhere. Amirs confrontation with Assef marks an important turning point in the novel. Like discrimination, guiltinnocence, assef says he wants to get rid of the garbage in Afghanistan.

He also tries to obtain his father admiration and love.The director of the Kabul orphanage tires to defend his actions or lack thereof- on page 268 where he explains that the Talib officer takes a child away every one or two months. .


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Zaman confesses of selling children and tells Amir where the Taliban official.He gave an advice to Amir, and it was that he could amend all the damage that he caused to Hassan by rescue Sohrab, Hassans son.