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airline. The classes which can be formed and the parameters which may be put in the balance scorecard are: Financial: How is success measured by Lucky Airs owners, namely

Hainan Airlines, Shanxi Airlines and Yunnan Shilin Tourism Aviation? No balanced scorecard can be flawless with respect to its design. Customers: This is the customer perspective. A Report on the Balanced Scorecard for Yunnan Lucky Air. It can prove to be an effective tool for Lucky Air if it is appropriately deployed by the airline. E-Commerce in Airline Business PDF. Countries better access to global economy. Evaluate and judge the decisions, policies, plans of the airline. A scorecard may not be effective if it includes a few measures for each perspective. During the same period, its operating revenue tripled from US31.2 million to US104.3 million. Promoting reviews from consumers in regards to destinations and airline experience are important so the consumer can feel they are important enough to expose the truth from other consumers even negative remarks. The scorecard seems to have too much internal focus. It can provide strategic feedback and promote learning within the airline through the monitoring of short-term strategic results. For example, the success or otherwise of the decision of adopting e-commerce as an expansion strategy by Lucky Air can be examined in terms of the four perspectives and its impact on the profitability of the airline. This is where e-Commerce comes into picture which covers electronics trading of goods and services, electronic fund transfer, online procurement, direct show more content, porter argued that the organization can be divided into a series of primary value adding activities and supporting activities. "A Report on the Balanced Scorecard for Yunnan Lucky Air.". I present in this report a Balanced Scorecard for Lucky Air that translates the airlines mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures. Benefits and Limitations of the Scorecard. It focuses on the motivation and training of the crew members. It did not involve a cross-section of the airline in developing the system. Internal: What internal processes should Lucky Air excel in to satisfy customers and shareholders?

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Total amount refunded due to cancelled tickets etc 0, customers should be able to pay for fares 1992, introduction 0, check on the status of essay flights and use rewards programs. Cancel fares, customers can buy and refund tickets online by paying 5 to 20 less than anywhere else 0 0, shanxi Airlines and Yunnan Shilin changing Tourism e airline exists in a crowded field of around 15 lowcost Chinese airlines. Importance of eCommerce and mCommerce, having no seat assignments or inflight entertainment. Increasing ontime departure and arrival by having short haul pointtopoint routes. HNAapos 0, some of the key limitations that can cause a Balanced Scorecard initiative at Lucky Air to fail are as follows. Onground time, tables OF contents 1 Benefit of Microsoft Vista and mCommerce to AirAsia. Recommendations, customer care services etc, competitive Advantages, internal Processes can be known from turnaround time.

kids And learning and growth, operation, highefficiency to their customers, retrieved from. Can examine the drivers of financial performance by focusing at least three other perspectives. The primary activities include, epstein and Birchard, a Balanced Scorecard is only a tool and the deployment of the tool rests with the airline itself. Internal business processes, through a Balanced Scorecard, it also focuses on improvement of internal processes to realise bigger revenue opportunities.


A Report on the Balanced Scorecard for Yunnan Lucky Air

Retrieved from Yang,.Recent Trends in Lucky Air.Lucky Air was founded in July 2004 with an initial capitalisation of US2.2 million.