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IT team designed the automation application to log every write to Azure AD and log every error. To download sample code that the Microsoft IT team developed to

automate Office 365 licensing at Microsoft, see Automated Office365 Licensing. Also note you need to swap litwareinc with your tenant ID, and enterprisepack with whichever license youre removing. When a new user is created in Azure AD, the location field is blank, and a location must be assigned before Office 365 licenses can be assigned. This operation deletes any previous licenses for the users and replaces them with the selected licenses. You are free to reproduce, copy modify the code, but # please give the author credit. Implementing an automation service, the licensing automation service connects to Azure AD and gets a list of users. Assign usage location The automation service uses the authentication token to make a call to Azure AD, get the usage location for the tenant from Azure AD, and assign it to the user. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. The automation service then checks the licenses against the list of licenses in config. This separation helps prevent an issue that occurs when all users are automatically assigned an Exchange Online license. 2 Populate the adds Attribute with the Country Code 1st rule : Launch the, synchronization Rules Editor. If groupbased is set to True, the service returns a list of recently migrated users or the full company list, depending on the value that is set for aadgroupobjectid. Verify that users have a complete set of licenses, and assign licenses as needed. This project took six weeks, but the migration would have failed without. Technical Case Study, march 2016, iT managers have many options for setting up and managing Microsoft Office 365. Get an authentication token By using an application object that has read and write permissions to Azure AD, the automation service gets a token from Azure AD that enables it to authenticate against Azure.

To ensure that users always have the licenses that they need to do their jobs. Automatically for a large group of users by developing a custom automation application. And to get basic user and group information. A certain amount of manual intervention is required. Automatically, economics globalisation essay sretucutre which takes time and can introduce errors. Create a User Account Administrator account that has permissions to search on Azure.

You anyway have to use, aD in, office 365.Note : To perform the following procedure, you must be a member of the Domain Admins group or the Enterprise.

Using ad group to assign license office 365 new feature

In the Transformation tab, in our environment project we set the numbers below. ExchangeSenterpris"1 Add a AAD Connect Synchronization rule. Account provisioning errors Monitor errors that occur during the synchronization college of accounts from software as a service SaaS applications to Azure. Select the Azure Active Directory, connect to Microsoft Office 365 tenant. Click in Save, i published a PowerShell script to assign Office 365 licenses to user accounts based on their onpremises Active Directory group memberships original post. Most of them are quickly and automatically corrected. SetADSyncScheduler SyncCycleEnabled false to complete this task. Set the precedence to 108, exchangeguid value is not present on the Office365 object. Well also replace the current enabledplanids attribute with the service plan IDs of the corresponding services within the E5 SKU Exchange for Exchange and Sharepoint for Microsoft SharePoint.

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The above link covers a lot of information about how to deploy this.The Microsoft IT team had two options for handling identities for Office 365: Manage identities for Office 365 users in Azure AD only.


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To address the challenge of synchronizing directories and maintaining a hybrid directory environment, the Microsoft IT team used.This will ensure that, the next time the automation runs, it will remove users from the E3 subscription and enable them.