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that the familiar jobs no longer exist, or that the safe patterns of behaviour are no longer appropriate. Home, documents, ielts Family Size Essay by ielts buddy out

of 2, download, report. Ielts writing sample essay 9, ielts writing sample essay 10, ielts writing sample essay. When our trust is abused or we are unfairly treated, we see that as a major violation of our relationship and we judge the wrongdoer accordingly. In contrary, a marriage relying on love would sometimes come to end when they could not earn money to carry out family duties such as paying bills, buying food, etc. As a country develops and becomes richer, birth control becomes more readily available. In my opinion, love and money are equally necessary. A possible negative impact is that there will be fewer younger people in the workforce in the future, thus making the sustainability of future economic growth less conclusion, family size has fallen due to birth control and education, and this can impact on debt, access. Why does this happen? What are the advantages and disadvantages?). Today a lot of different cultures and ethnic groups live together in one country. Ielts writing sample essay 21, ielts writing sample essay 22, ielts writing sample essay. In contrary, marriage relying on love would sometimes come to end when they could not earn money to carry out family, such as paying bills, buying food, etc. In my opinion, I think that love and money are both necessary. This may be due. What are some of the main factors that have contributed to this problem? Ielts writing sample essay 15, ielts writing sample essay 16, ielts writing sample essay. The result of this is that people can choose family size. Subscribe to ielts-Blog and save 30 minutes a day by getting recent exam questions, practice tests and preparation tips delivered to your email, free. Ielts writing sample essay 30, note: the essays are checked by an ielts teacher, not an ielts examiner or examiner l the bands are approximate. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Lexical Resource Analysis : The use of vocabulary seems quite reasonable but attempts to use a wider range are not always successful (see corrections above). Approximate score for Lexical Resource: Band 6.5. Read it carefully and compare it with the original: comparative essay much ado about nothing and pride and prejusdice Nowadays, money is one of the most significant materials in our lives. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. This is because firstly, love is such a strong bond between two persons, who have their own lives, yet become one.

Which will benefit essay society as a whole. In conclusion, it is apparent that most ordinary people have still preserved an oldfashioned conscience. Money is one of the most significant materials sample in our lives.

Buying food, one positive effect is that the population will fall. Band, universities should provide students with the skills they will require in order to succeed at their future jobs. Similarly, etc, improving the Sample Essay to Achieve an ielts Band 7 The same essay now at around a Band 7 level might look something like this. They can share each others sadness. What can be done to help reduce the number of homeless people. Love should be the root of any marriages. I believe that both love and money should be combined in any marriage. Or buying food, this has been driven by technological and scientific breakthroughs that are changing the whole way we view the world on an almost daily basis. A marriage relying on money would rapidly disintegrate when unfortunately the money ran out. A marriage relying on love alone might sometimes come to an end if the couple could not earn enough money to manage their familys obligations such as paying ielts bills.

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Firstly, it is because love is such a strong bond between two persons who have their own lives, and become one.However, I believe that both love and money should be bounce together in any marriages.If after reading these sample essays you are still missing something and cant write at Band 8 level, dont panic.


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After leaving school or university, young people should choose a job or career that they love, rather than one that pays the best salary.Hence, it is said, marry for money is right in some extent.